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Psychotherapy in Perth

Psychotherapy is similar to counselling but works at a deeper level and is often a longer-term process.

Our psychotherapists will help you explore patterns and themes in your life such as your upbringing, challenges you have faced in life, and your ways of coping with difficulties. The aim is to understand how these link to you and your personality and explore the underlying causes of what is going wrong for you. You will look at developing alternative ways of thinking and behaving to change things for the better.

The process and the therapist

The therapy process usually involves a year (or more) of regular meetings with a psychotherapist or psychologist. There are different approaches to psychotherapy. Some practitioners may be very active and friendly while others may work in a more analytical way. These approaches are often termed ‘psychodynamic’ and ‘psychoanalytical’ respectively.

Starting psychotherapy

We have many clients who feel that this therapy is for them from the outset. However we also have a large number of clients who begin counselling initially and decide to progress to psychotherapy to explore deeper issues. This is a straightforward process as most experienced practitioners are comfortable offering both types of therapy and can discuss the process with you.

No couches here!

The psychotherapy process involves you sitting on a comfortable chair facing your practitioner. No lying on couches at our centre – in fact we don’t even have a couch!

Further information

To ask us any questions about therapy in Perth, please contact us.