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Online therapy & coaching 

Online therapy available at First Psychology Perth

Our online, email and telephone therapy and coaching service can be helpful for clients who find regular, face-to-face meetings difficult to manage. It can be particularly useful for clients who travel around for work or for people who live and work some distance from our centres.

Online therapy

Online therapy is perhaps the most like a normal therapy session in that you can see and hear your practitioner (and them you). Many of our practitioners are experienced at working with clients using online technologies and this type of therapy option has proven particularly popular for clients who are unable to attend a regular session due to working patterns, mobility issues, or living/working in a remote location.

Email therapy and coaching

There are two ways we can work with you using email:

  • We can exchange emails with you in real time by agreeing a specific time to sit down at our computers for a 50 minute appointment slot.
  • We can work with you by exchanging emails over a set period. Your practitioner would spend 50 minutes during this time reading and responding to your emails.

Our email therapy service is subject to our normal contracting and fee arrangements. We are happy to work with you using email alongside our other methods of working, such as monthly face-to-face meetings. Indeed, we have found this approach to be a very successful way of working using email technology.

Telephone therapy and coaching

Our telephone therapy and coaching service operates in a similar way to our regular face-to-face therapy in that we agree a time to meet. The only difference is that your session happens over the phone. This can work very well and is an increasingly popular way of working. If any tasks have been set between sessions, such as keeping an anxiety diary, we would usually ask you to email it to us before your telephone session.

More information

For more information about our online, email and telephone therapy services, please contact us.