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Therapy for students in Perth, Scotland

Students are often overlooking when it comes to mental health, but students may actually experience higher levels of anxiety and lower levels of happiness than the general population.

How we can help students

We have several years' experience of working with students and young people with a broad range of issues including anxiety, stress, eating and body image issues, relationship issues, family problems, loneliness, depression/low mood and much more. 

Common factors affecting student mental health

Some common factors which can lead to poor mental health in students are: 
  • Studying and living far from their home and family,  meaning less access to emotional support networks
  • Study pressures and concerns
  • Worries about money related issues

Mental health issues and universities

Universities and colleges often provide wellbeing support including support for mental health and this can be a good option to try because it is usually free. However provision for this type of thing can be limited and varies widely throughout the UK. In addition, research shows that students are often not keen to approach their university for help. 

Common mental health issues experienced by students

A recent study suggests that the main mental health issues experienced by students are anxiety, stress and loneliness. Meeting deadlines, worrying about exams, making friends, and relationship problems are all issues which can take their toll on students and impact their mood. 

International students – additional concerns

International students may experience additional issues due to having less contact with family and friends, living and studying in a different cultural environment from their own, language barriers, and increased financial and academic pressures. Find out more about our services for international students

Therapy sessions to fit around your timetable

We offer in-person sessions at our Perth centre as well as online therapy sessions. This means that we can work with you whether you're in Perth during term-time or away during the holidays. We are also available during weekdays, weekday evenings and Saturdays so you can plan your therapy sessions around your other commitments. 

Parents of students

If you have concerns about an adult child who has left home to study, we can help put your mind at rest. If your young person is willing, we can talk to them and book them in for their first session with one of our experienced practitioners. All of our practitioners are approved by us meaning that we check they have the relevant qualifications, supervision, insurance, professional memberships, etc to offer the services they offer. If you wish to pay for your young person's sessions, you will be able to do this online once they have an appointment booked in.

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