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Counselling services at First Psychology Perth

First Psychology Perth offers a range of therapy options to suit your individual needs. Counselling is the process of talking to a trained counsellor or counselling psychologist about aspects of your life that are causing upset or distress. There are different approaches to this type of therapy and some may involve asking you questions to help you explore your feelings. Whatever the approach, the ultimate aim of this type of therapy is to enable a change for the better.

The benefits of counselling

There are many research studies that have shown counselling to be effective in making things better. People seek this type of therapy for a broad range of reasons including: depression, anxiety, anger management, behavioural issues, addictions, grief, food and eating issues, distress, health worries, and uncertainty.

Our counsellors are highly trained professionals

The term ‘counsellor’ can be used by people with varying amounts and quality of training. At First Psychology, we ensure that all our practitioners are highly trained by a recognised body and are experienced in working with clients so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

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