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Couples/Relationship Counselling

Couples Counselling/Relationship Counselling in Perth

Couples counselling/relationship counselling is available at our Perth centre for clients experiencing relationship problems either with a partner or others around them.

How does it work?

Couples counselling/relationship counselling focuses solely on your relationship and the problems you are experiencing with it. Our experienced practitioners will help you explore and better understand the patterns of communication and behaviour that are unhelpful in your relationship. Once you have identified the unhelpful behaviours, our counsellors will help you create new ways of doing things to improve the situation (if that is your desired outcome).

We don’t take sides

Our practitioners are experienced in working with clients with relationship issues and absolutely won’t take sides. They are there to help both partners understand each other better and can provide a fresh perspective on things where this is helpful.

Further information

For more details or to book an appointment to see a couples counsellor/relationship counsellor, please contact us.

Practitioners offering couples counselling in Perth: