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First Psychology Perth – counselling | CBT | psychotherapy | coaching
Psychological services for organisations and businesses in Perth and throughout Scotland

Psychological services for organisations and businesses in Perth and throughout Scotland

As an experienced provider of psychological services for organisations and businesses, we are delighted to offer a range of services that have been specially designed to support performance and wellbeing at work. These services are available in Perth and throughout Scotland through our First Psychology Assistance brand.

Employee counselling, CBT and psychological therapy

We offer counselling and cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) to enhance employee mental wellbeing and to support recovery from issues such as anxiety, stress, low mood and other psychological issues.

Services to promote wellbeing in the workplace

We have a number of services available to support employers and to increase understanding of the prevalence and causes of stress at work. These services are designed to improve awareness, in both employees and managers, of the nature and symptoms of stress. We can also help staff develop a personal stress management strategy based on their own way of coping and responding to stress and the specific issues they encounter in the workplace.

Services to enable rehabilitation of employees

We offer a number of services such as psychological assessments and reporting, which are designed to help employers understand their employees mental health difficulties, their prognosis for recovery and the treatment options available. 

Further information

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer to organisations and businesses, visit our First Psychology Assistance website or call us on 03330 344115.